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Best Legal Prohormones On The Market 2014

I have written this blog post about the best legal prohormones on the market in 2014 due to the fact that so many people have asked about it.

However this is not what you have probably expected… Why? Because Prohormones generally are an unnecessary risk for your health since there are natural alternatives that work just as well!


Yes, you have heard right! There are alternatives that provide comparable results without any health risks. In the following I am going to present them to you.

If any of you buy Prohormones after I have shown you these natural alternatives… Well, then you are idiots!
Believe me these alternatives work just as well and depending on your body type they might actually work better. 

How is that even possible?

Glad you ask, Prohormones are a pre-stage of real steroids and what do real steroids do?
They enhance you testosterone level as well as your protein metabolism helping you putting muscle on or losing fat (this part of the equation depends on your diet and calorie intake!).

So these are the two factors that any natural alternative has to cover to be comparable.

Natural Alternative Number #1

A working testosterone booster, “Dude, I tried them all and they don´t work!” Yeah, I also tried almost all of them however I have discovered one that actually works.

In fact it does a really good job and I have been using it for almost 6 months now putting on lots of muscle. Actually for the last two months most of my friends were convinced that I was on steroids until I let them in on this booster.

All of them also made great gains and so will you!

And it gets even better!

Currently you can get a free trial of the booster (you still have to pay for shipping and handling) here: CLICK ME!

Natural Alternative Number #2

A supplement that improves your protein metabolism, did you know that 80% of all the protein you consume leaves your body unused?

In any case, most people don´t. 

Now if your body would use all the protein your muscle recovery as well as growth would instantly improve.
And the following supplement does just that!

Now I actually have to admit that I have no idea how that works… However, my buddies and I have extensively tested it over a couple of weeks now and the results were amazing.

Not only did we all gain muscle mass, but we also stayed cut and dry.

Bro tip: While using it try to increase your overall protein intake by several percent for maximum gains.

By the way one of my friends was cutting while using this supplement and actually achieved the (almost) impossible. He gained muscle while losing fat at the same time, the holy grail of bodybuilding!

Currently you can get a free trial of this supplement as well (you still have to pay for shipping and handling), that they are offering an almost free trial tells its own story. 

You can grab it here: CLICK ME!

If you are on a budget and have to decide which one to use I would go for the second one, but since there is this cheap trial available I would recommend you test both of them and then decide.

The author:

Best Legal Prohormones On The Market 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Best Top Rated Legal Testosterone Booster

In today’s post you will learn about the best top rated legal testosterone booster currently available on the market.

Now this post will mostly be a review of the testosterone booster; however the title makes it somewhat clear that I am in love with this particular supplement and therefore I will obviously recommend it…

So if you are not interested in the review, because you already know that I am going to recommend it you can get it under the following link.

By the way they currently offer a “free” trial so you only have to pay for shipping and handling, which is an awesome deal!

You can get it here: CLICK ME!

Now for all the others back to the review.

I have been using this particular testosterone booster for almost 6 months now. But more importantly before that, I have tried everything else available on the legal market.

With all other boosters the results have been underwhelming to say the least!

In most cases you will feel absolutely nothing let alone see any results.

However with this supplement after two to three weeks I actually started feeling a difference, after that I checked whether it was tested or not since I was afraid it might actually contain steroids (I´m super paranoid!).

Now obviously the product was tested and was roid free, in fact it´s an all natural testosterone booster.
But I didn´t only feel a difference! After another two to three weeks I was seeing significant results in form of dry muscle gain.

Unfortunately I didn´t take before and after pictures, however I included a picture of my current form at the end of this post.

About 3 months into using the booster my workout buddies starting asking what I was doing and I had quite a hard time convincing them that I wasn´t using roids.

Again the obvious thing happened they started trying the supplement, too.
And guess what… All of them saw similar results to mine.

My final conclusion:

All Scientific studies indicate that once a person reaches around 20 years of age, testosterone levels start to decrease by up to 2% each single year. Most common signs of testosterone depletion include lowered virility, vitality, strength and stamina as well as hair loss and that dreaded "spare tire" around the waist.

Wouldn't it be better if you could overcome these biological constraints with a natural way to bolster your energy and physical performance, as well as the added benefit of increased self-confidence?

The answer should be a certain yes.

The booster is proven to work by me and my buddies.

Would I recommend it? Definitely.

In the end if you are looking to build muscle or just increase your testosterone levels for other reasons… Well, it doesn´t really matter, the booster works and that´s the most important thing.

Are there better boosters out there?

I have tried them all and couldn´t find any.

My recommendation:

Take advantage of the “free” trial (you only have to pay for shipping and handling) while it lasts and experience it yourself: CLICK ME!

My current form:

Best Top Rated Legal Testosterone Booster

The Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Supplements

You asked for it and now here it is:

My list of the Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Supplements.

Please keep one thing in mind! This is a top 10 list, because I got asked about my top 10. However truth be told I would only recommend the first three, because these are the ones I personally use.

All the others have their place too, but I am not using them on a regular basis since I don´t think that they are that important.

So if you want to get them it´s fine they do their job, but you can also save the money for something else.

However, I would consider the first three to be mandatory and I would highly recommend you get them for maximum results in your bodybuilding efforts!

Number #1: Amino Prime (Free trial, only shipping and handling, available here: CLICK ME!)

Improves your protein metabolism, usually 80% of consumed protein leaves your body unused this supplement helps with that.

5 out of 5 stars highly recommended!

Number #2: Whey Protein (available on Amazon)

You need a protein based post workout supplement to fuel your blood with amino acids to help with muscle growth and regeneration. Make sure to buy one that is micro filtrated!

5 out of 5 stars highly recommended!

Number #3: Formula T10 - Testosterone Booster (Free trial, only shipping and handling, available here: CLICK ME!)

The more testosterone the faster you build muscle. Unfortunately most testosterone boosters have almost no effect whatsoever. This one however does a good job and its effect is not only measurable, but you will also feel it.

5 out of 5 stars highly recommended!

Now that we have covered the supplements that I would consider mandatory we can move on the optional ones. Bro tip, before you get the optional ones you should at least try the ones above!

Number #4:
Creatin (available on Amazon)

I guess everyone knows that one, helpful but not necessary.

4 out of 5 stars recommended!

Number #5: Multi-component Protein (Amazon)

Only helpful if you don´t get enough protein through your nutrition. If that is a problem try to fix your nutrition first!

3 out of 5 stars recommended! (5 out of 5 if your nutrition is really bad.)

Number #6: Fish Oil (Amazon)

Again this one makes only sense if you need to fix your nutrition. However, I would recommend to just eat salmon two or three times per week. Saves money and is delicious.

3 out of 5 stars recommended!

Number #7: Green Tea Extract (Amazon)

I would recommend three to four cups of green tea a day. It keeps you from getting fat and has a lot of beneficial health properties.

4 out of 5 stars recommended! If you don´t want to drink tea.

Number #8: BCAAs (Amazon)

Help with regeneration. If you have problems with overtraining and workout recovery this one is a real option otherwise it’s a waste of cash.

2 out of 5 stars not recommended!

Number #9: Glutamine (Amazon)

Again helps with regeneration, not needed by most people.
2 out of 5 stars not recommended!

Number #10: Arginin (Amazon)

Interesting as a pre-workout booster, but not really needed.

2 out of 5 stars not recommended!

Beta Alanin (Amazon)

Overrated and 100% unnecessary for most athletes.

1 out of 5 stars not recommended!

So that is it for my Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Supplements.
To your success!
“Big” Dan

The Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Monday, June 16, 2014

Where To Buy Amino Prime XL - Free Trial Available

Ever since I did my Amino Prime review lots of people have asked where to buy it.

Good news!

You don´t have to buy it. Currently there is a free trial for Amino Prime available. So you only have to pay for shipping and handling and can save some money.

You can get the trial here: CLICK ME!

I hope this answers all those, where can I buy Amino Prime XL, questions.

By the way if you are still undecided, I have included my personal testimonial below.


I have been using Amino Prime for almost 6 weeks now. In that time I have made solid gains in form of dry muscle mass.

Furthermore my brother and all the people I personally train have also used it. All in all everyone has made good progress.

I would definitely recommend it. Especially due to the free trial since you can cost effectively test it for yourself.

The next part is bro-science. I am not a scientist so I can´t tell you for sure how it works…

Contrary to popular belief, Amino Prime is not a protein source or whey of some sort.  It's a “protein enhancing enzyme technology,” and it helps your body take any ordinary protein source to new, higher levels through improved digestion helping you to make the most out of your intake.

This is somewhat similar to what steroids do. By the way it is tested and steroid free.
It is therefore perfectly safe to consume.

Without Amino Prime, 80% to 90% of your protein intake goes unused, gets stored, and eventually turns into fat. The digestive enzymes in it change all that.  They open the pathway for full 100% use of any and all protein you ingest.

Amino prime has no known side effects. However from personal experience I would recommend you don´t take too much otherwise you might spend a lot of time on the toilette.

Here are some tips for using this supplement:

For best results, you’re supposed to take 3 capsules about half an hour to an hour before your workout.

Increase your overall protein intake for a maximum effect.

Test different stacks to see what works best for you.

Popular Muscle Stacks Involving This Supplement:

Amino Prime and Muscle Factor X
Amino Prime and Muscle Rev X
Amino Prime and Niwali Testo Boost

My conclusion:

It is worth it even through it is expensive. You should definitely take advantage of the free trial to save money.

Would I recommend it to everyone?

At the moment yes, since I haven´t encountered anyone so far who didn´t profit from it. However this might change in the future. Currently your best bet is to try it for yourself.

In case you missed it earlier, you can get your “free” (you have to pay for shipping and handling) trial here: Click Me!

Where To Buy Amino Prime XL - Free Trial Available

Proper Nutrition Meal Plan For Bodybuilding

When it comes to nutrition people go crazy these days.

Do I need this supplement; do I need fish oil or the latest mega anabolic protein powder??? Not to mention carbs…

The quick answer to all of this: NO

The longer answer: Maybe. The more effort you put into planning your nutrition the more mass you are probably going to put on.

As a matter of fact there is only one supplement that I would recommend to everyone, here you can read a review about it: Best mass building supplements

But why life like a monk?

Especially in offseason, when your only goal is to gain as much muscle mass as possible…

The real problem here is people go crazy without any reason, when it comes to mass building nutrition you only have to mind one rule and you will be fine!

Stick to the basics of proper nutrition for bodybuilders!

Actually now that I think about it… There are two rules.

Second Rule:

Don´t listen to the bullshit!

Proper Nutrition Plan For Bodybuilding

The Basics: Calories

Consume more calories than your body needs. It has to take the energy to build the mass from somewhere.
Everyone who says otherwise is usually a pencil neck with no idea what he is talking about…
Start off with an excessive 300 kcal a day.

If you don´t gain weight increase to 600.

Still not gaining weight? Increase to 900, I hope you get the idea.

But I can´t gain weight no matter how much I eat!

You are lucky that you are sitting behind a screen… otherwise I might have already jumped your throat…
Seriously, for those people there is an example meal plan at the end of this report. Follow it and you will gain weight! If not send me an email.

How much calories do I need in the first place?

That one is tricky. Your best bet is to write down exactly what you eat for 3 days. Afterwards take the calorie average from these 3 days and add 300kcal.

Check the scale after 2 weeks to see whether your weight has gone up or down. Then either increase or decrease your calorie intake!

The Basics: Protein

Consume 2g per 1kg (1kg = 2.2 lbs.) of your bodyweight. More can´t be used by your body, unless you are chemically enhanced.

If you are enhanced, the more the merrier (up to 5g)…
So, if you weigh 80kg or 176 lbs. you should consume at least 160g of protein a day!

The Basics: Fat

Consume 1g of good fat (essential fat acids, e.g. omega 3) per kg (1kg = 2.2 lbs.) of bodyweight.
They are essential, because without them your body gets sick.
Please, never go on one of these zero fat diets…
So, if you weigh 80kg or 176 lbs. you should consume at least 80g of fat a day!

The Basics: Carbohydrates

Your body doesn´t need them, but they give us the energy to survive hard workouts.
Fill the rest of calories needed to have a solid plus in your calorie intake with carbs.
Please, don´t be the guy who tries to build fat free mass by cutting out carbs all together.
Building fat free mass is usually impossible (exception: total beginners/heavy roid users).
No, I don´t care about this one bro of yours, who did it…

Example Meal Plan

This is an example meal plan that I used personally and that I would recommend to the average trainee with a body weight at around 80kg (176 lbs.).

This plan will give you enough calories to gain weight. Additionally it doesn´t only consist of chicken and rice…

Meal #1:
250ml milk + 200g oatmeal + 2 egg white + half a cup of raisins

Meal #2:
100g oatmeal with water and protein powder + an apple

Meal #3:
200g chicken breast + 200g broccoli + 1 (big) cup of rice

Meal #4:
200g cottage cheese + 4 half peaches (canned in their own juice)

Meal #5:
Two slices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and jelly (we are trying to build mass and it will keep us in a good mood) + 250ml milk + 1 spoon of protein powder

Meal #6:
Post workout shake, Whey + This Supplement (Highly recommended!)

Meal #7:
1 to 2 cans of tuna + a salad + 2 spoons linseed oil

Follow this plan and train hard! Muscle mass gains will be massive. But keep in mind the most important thing is training!

Your nutrition can be as good as it wants to be, but if your training sucks… Well, you get the idea.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Best Supplements For Gaining Muscle Growth

So you are looking for the best supplements for gaining muscle growth on the market right now?

A smart decision regarding the fact that there is so much crap on the market right now… Personally I have tried almost everything and spend a lot of money without seeing the results I was looking for.

However, recently I found one that works really well for me and in this blog post I will give you a review of it and tell you where to get it.

But please keep one thing in mind!

No matter how good your supplementation and nutrition is you still have to train!

“Duh bro, I know.”

Fine, but unfortunately many people seem to forget that…

Ok, so before I start with the review for the impatient ones you can grab a free trial here: CLICK ME!
You only have to pay for shipping and handling, the product itself is free.

This has the big advantage that you not just have to rely on me, but you can also see for yourself.

That´s by the way also something many people forget… We are all individuals what works for one person might not work for the next.

Best supplements for gaining muscle growth!

With a headline like this you probably want to know what all the hype is about…

You see I have been training for over 10 years now. Naturally it becomes harder and harder to gain muscle over time.

The bigger you already are the tougher it is to put on more muscle.

I have been taking this particular supplement for 6 weeks now and during that time I have made significant gains even though I have already been training for 10 years and already being a “big” guy (picture at the end of the post).

As mentioned before I have tried almost all supplements available nothing comes even close to comparable. By the way the supplement we are talking about is tested and therefore safe and roid free.

Also all the people I train as a personal trainer that use it have made great progress.

“How does it work?”

I have to admit… I have no idea. You could put a gun to my head and I couldn´t explain it to you.

All I know is that it works. In fact it works really well.

This wouldn´t be a real bodybuilding article without some bro science, so here it is:

Try to increase your overall protein intake while taking the supplement for better gains. A buddy of mine came up with the idea for that and we both have the feeling that it helps a lot.

However at this point in time it would be too soon to speak of proof since we haven´t tested the increased protein intake long enough.

You can get the muscle growth supplement at shipping and handling cost only here: CLICK ME!

Below you can find the picture of me. Unfortunately I didn´t take before pictures since I didn´t expect such a significant muscle gain:

Best Supplements For Gaining Muscle Growth

Best Muscle Mass & Body Building Pills That Work

If you have been trying to build muscle mass for some time you have probably tried several body building pills and supplements.

You may have already realized like most people that most of these don´t work.

That´s why I am writing this blog post since I have found one that does a really good job, if you have been reading this blog for a while you will be aware of this. (I have been talking about this a lot lately, e.g. here and here)

Why have I been talking so much about it?

Simply, because it works for me and the people I train.

In this blog post I will provide you with a review and the information you need to make an informed decision whether this is for you or not.

If you want to save time… I would recommend it to everyone.

You can get a free trial here: CLICK ME!

For all others just keep reading for the review.

The first question most people will probably have is, “how and why does it work?”

Well to be honest… I have no idea. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist just your average gym rat. 

However, what I know is the following:

Since I started using it I have experienced significant gains and also observed them in others. I guess that’s also the reason why this company is offering a free trial. Once you have started using it you never again want to miss it.

By the way this stuff is tested and perfectly safe.

So why are these the best muscle mass and body building pills?

Believe me I have tried all the pills on the market today and 90% of them don´t even work a little and those that do only in a minor way.

However with those little bad boys I have increased my weight by several pounds while staying cut and several pounds is a lot at the point where I am at (pictures at the end).

Also my little brother, who is a complete beginner, gained almost 10 pounds over 2 months. Please keep in mind that he is a beginner! Someone with years of training probably won´t experience the similar results.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that all the ingredients of this mass building supplement are natural and organic.

As some of you might be aware of I am currently working as a personal trainer… Every single one of my trainees has to use this supplement.

So far I have to come across a single person who doesn´t gain significant muscle using it. Ok, to be 100% honest one person didn´t gain any weight… However that’s due to the fact that he didn´t stick to his routine (you can´t expect to train once a month and get big…)

For all of you, who will test the supplement:

Try to increase your protein intake by 10% to 20% for better results. Don´t ask for scientific studies this is pure bro science.

You can get a free trial here: CLICK ME!

Best Muscle Mass & Body Building Pills That Work